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Celebration: The Movie

Celebration is a short version movie that impacts you with positive, uplifting and inspiring affirmations.  The addition of music allows you to keep the beat  while absorbing the phrases. All created to keep your mood light, your body happy and your outlook bright.

Happiness: Inspiration for Children: The Movie

Happiness is a short version movie set with pictures.  No matter what age your child is, they will be able to relate to the emotion, the play, their greatness and the love surrounding them.
Happy children inspire others, by just being.

Both movies can be purchased on http://soulchoices.com/products.html


Barbara Jayne’s talents are wide and varied on this career path.  This has enabled her to carry her messages to you, assist others on their journey, promote health and energy, balance and vibration, teach others about frequency and its properties, assist in abundance, creativity self esteem issues and healing relationships.

Her energy has been used to inform others through her channeled book,
Twilight of a New Day: A Catastrophic Event.
Please visit:

In her private practice, she uses a variety of techniques to maintain well being
for her clients.
Please visit her website for more information, on what Barbara is doing!
Pur Enlightenment Enterprises
Building a better more harmonized way of living through

L.I.F.E  (Live In Full Enlightenment)

Barbara has adapted her Evolution of YOU course and
is created L.I.F.E.
Bring this into a reality and enabling her clients to live in enlightenment
is her lifetime achievement.  Many are doing so….

Soul Choices Presents:

Money Concepts: Surviving in Today’s Economy
Guest Speaker: Les Szabo

Date:        March 25th, 2012
Time:       2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where:    Brewed Awakenings at 17 Main St., Grand Valley, ON
Cost:        $47 + HST/person

A realistic look at how to save from the perspective of the consumer.
This workshop takes a look at the how to’s of saving and buying.  This shares information for the younger generation. Father, Son, Mother, Daughter, Uncle, Nephew, Aunt, Niece,Grandparent, Grandchild.

*Please note if we have 10 participants or less we will reschedule the workshop to a later date. Rescheduling notice will come 5 days before the day of the workshop to those who have registered. Thank you for your understanding.

New Beginnings

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Soul Choices Blog. 

I am very excited about the launch of this new venture and hope you all will share this excitement with me.  Above all, I feel honoured and privileged to work with Barbara Jayne who is an amazing healer and guide. 

I met Barbara Jayne at a mutual workshop where she was again expanding her skills to serve her clients better.  She already has a variety of different skills as well as being highly intuitive. She easily “picks up” on whatever is most important to work on in the moment and seems to know exactly what her client needs.  That is my experience with her.  Her healing sessions are powerful and profound.

Though I come from a different, more academic background, I also found my passion in the “alternative” therapies, including energy work and spiritual advancement. It has been a long and stimulating journey which I hope now to share with others and guide them along the path.

Soul Choices is the result of a blend of these somewhat disparate approaches to Soul expansion and we hope to offer a variety of workshops and seminars to appeal to a broad range of different individuals. This is a place where support, acceptance and friendship are offered in conjunction with the possibility for finding insights, miraculous change and a new and powerful YOU. 

We hope you will join us on this journey and unlock the key to your own enlightenment and your Soul Choices!

Self Esteem and Confidence

Soul Choices


Self Esteem and Confidence

February 26th
2-4 pm


Brewed Awakenings
17 Main Street S
Grand Valley
519 928 9888

Hope to see you there!

This is it, we are live

Soulchoices.com is live

WE are here for you …join us and change the world!

For workshop and dates visit the site.

Hope to see you there

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